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VIDEOTandem Handler Test Cell


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Products hardware and software products supporting continuous test cell operation

Modular 1:2 Multiplexing Modules

Very high density 1:2 multiplexing modules such as the 192 channel XLNT5001 multiplexing module provide field replaceable support for a variety of multiplexing applications. The innovative design can provide solid-state multiplexing density up to 25 digital channels per square inch of PCB real-estate. The module is INTERLOCK compliant, safe to use in high voltage applications, and good for more than 1 billion cycles. The optional XLNT5068 test fixture is available to all customers wanting an easy way to field test the XLNT5001.

Cross-Point Matrix Modules

Celerint offers a variety of high performance cross-point matrix solutions in module, high-density format. These products support complex reconfiguration of signal connections between test and measurement instrumentation and devices under test. Applications for these products include parametric test, wafer level class probe, wafer sort, and final test.

Custom Multiplexing Solutions

Celerint is always ready to solve complex multiplexing problems with creative and innovative solutions. Contact sales for details on how we can help.

Semi-custom Hardware Interfaces

For applications where two or more device handlers are multiplexing to a single test head, component counts for switching devices can skyrocket. The design, layout, assembly, and test of these complex multiplexing interfaces is something that Celerint has pioneered. Whether it is a custom, semi-custom, or modular solution, Celerint has the experience to support the project and deliver a robust and manufacturable solution.

Multiplexed Enabled Single Insertion Test

Single insertion test (SIT), where a device is inserted once and tested at multiple temperatures, is very compelling. The benefits range from removing setup variation from test data to a greatly improved product flow through the test floor. The long temperature slew rates, however, diminish the benefits by idling the tester during temperature transitions. Multiplexing can solve this problem and make single insertion test a very compelling option for short test time devices such as micro-controllers. Celerint is working with handler OEMs to bring this technology into the mainstream. The good news is that we can design solutions that make this technology available today. If you think your product would benefit form a SIT strategy, contact Celerint sales on how to get started.

Multiplexed Handler Control Software

Celerint is leading the way to eliminate index time from semiconductor test. We help our customers reach that goal today by providing software control systems and high performance hardware interfaces that leverage existing capital equipment and test programs. You may can preview your expected benefits by using our Sentinel Controller Simulator located on the RESOURCES menu at the top of this page. While not all of our customers can fully eliminate index time, Celerint also has solutions for partial index time reduction that can deliver significant increases in throughput based on the ratio of index to test time.

Multiplexed Single-Insertion Test Control Software

Celerint also offers control software for single-test insertion. If you believe that your product will benefit from single test insertion, please contact Celerint Sales and we can provide a simulator for you to explore the benefits of the exciting and emerging technology.

Custom Control Software

For custom multiplexed solutions, often the application requires a custom software solution as well. Celerint is able to deliver turn key solutions or work in a support role along side our customers.

Solutions applications of our products in semiconductor test

Mutiplexing and Control for continuous test cell operation

For applications where two or more device handlers are multiplexed to a single test head, component counts for switching devices can skyrocket. The design, layout, assembly, and test of these complex multiplexing interfaces is something that Celerint has pioneered. Whether it is a custom, semi-custom, or modular solution, Celerint has the experience to support the project and deliver a robust and manufacturable solution.

Celerint Approach

For many companies, cost of test can be reduced to one overwhelming problem: extremely long test time. At Celerint, we believe that the longer the test time, the greater the opportunity. Our methods may reduce your existing test time by as much as 1/2 of what it currently is… or double your throughput. We want you to bring us your really hard to solve long test time problems. We have a passion for showing you innovative ways to reduce test time using your existing test equipment and programs. Contact Celerint sales for more information on how to get started.

Wafer and Final Test Solutions

The Celerint solutions for reducing very long test times can be applied to both wafer level test and final package test. To reduce intrusiveness, we do this by using the existing tester and test code. However, the solutions do require both custom Celerint control software and, in some cases, Celerint interfacing hardware – costs which are quickly recovered within the first month or two of operation. If your company suffers from the pain of long test time applications, we invite you to contact sales@celerint.com and let us audit your application so that we can design a custom solution to fix your problem.

Electronic Indexing During Single Insertion Test

As an engineering company, we have spent years understanding the strengths and limitations of multiplexing as an cost of test reduction strategy in semiconductor test. We have developed uniquely Celerint designs that support multiplexing applications in a variety of ways. One of the areas we find most promising is single insertion test (SIT). We are constantly innovating ways to mask the temperature ramp time latency, and are pleased to have been invited to write the standard communication protocol for SIT with electronic indexing by one of the world’s leading handler companies. If you believe that your products would benefit from a SIT flow, contact us for an evaluation of your handler to see if we can make SIT a reality for you today.

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