Time-Lapse of Celerint Video Shoot at ISE Labs in Austin

Celerint is working with Geomedia to produce an infomercial featuring the tandem handler test cell. The narrative video will highlight the components, features, and benefits of the system in a professionally produced, high definition format.  On Saturday, May 16th, Celerint and Geomedia completed the video shoot of the test cell sequences at ISE Labs in Austin.  The following is a time lapse record that compresses the 9 hour shoot into four minutes of HD video.  Geomedia had no part in the making of this video, which was shot and edited by Harry Roberts using a GoPro 3, Canon 7D, Sony 7R, iPhone, and Final Cut X.   It is our record of the talented people and professional equipment and methods used in the shoot. …link to video