Insight and Visibility

Utilizing existing testers and interface hardware configurations, Celerint develops, and delivers to the customer, a deep conformance assessment solution for the semiconductor loadboard. The BdView application, contains all the information necessary for the user to make intelligent and actionable loadboard insights. Importing the assessment results, the user instantly receives a 360 degree view of the health, characteristics, and behavior of a loadboard.
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PreBd (TM)

Loadboard Assestment

PreBd (TM) resides and runs on the test system using existing instrumentation, does not require contact to the DUT or wafer, provides loadboard validation from the test resource to the probe tip or socket pin, and delivers execution time options ranging from an ultra-fast functionality fault checking to deep impedance profiling conformity checks.

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BdView (TM)

Deep Conformance Assessment

BdView (TM) provides insight and assessment of loadboard physical and layout parameters, enables rapid fault isolation and corrective action, permits valuable resources to concentrate on the product instead of loadboards, identifies characteristics that may impact yield or cause future problems, provides clear accept/reject or good/bad criteria, and device specific test knowledge not required.

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BdView (TM) Enterprise

Cloud Based Collaborative Workspace

Increases productivity and efficiency by digitally consolidating and automating the manual loadboard management and workflow processes into a cloud based, team-centric, and collaborative workspace.

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